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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Blog Saved By Lainy!

I have been anxious for the past few weeks about loosing this blog. I've been receiving messages from Google about them not being able to renew my blog. As stubborn as I was, I just let it pass until one day I wasn't able to view my blog online. I wasn't sure if it has to do with my domain not renewed or if it just has to do with the server. But the fact that I wasn't able to view my blog online made me frantic! I really panicked and couldn't follow the instructions Google has for me to update my billing information.

So I had to contact my cousin, Lainy, who by the way is always my go-to person whenever there's something I don't understand about blogging. She has always been my "blog savior". Lol! And I'm always grateful for that.

Guess what? I'll still be around in the blogosphere! :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I'll Play Beautiful Songs Again... Soon...

Due to my busy schedule, I haven't really sat back and do the things that I really love doing besides.. err.. blogging. :) I also don't have the luxury of time to sing my heart out in my room anymore and play my guitar. Which by the way I really miss doing. I usually come home at night, exhausted and don't want to do anything else but sleep.

Well, I guess I'm still on the adjustment period. As you have read on my previous post, I just started my job in an Australian company. Not only am I trying to learn new things about the company and the Australian culture, I am also trying to cope up with the morning shift. Being at morning shift here in Manila means that I also have to deal with the stressful rush hour traffic to and from work. But I am really trying my best to deal with all of these. It could be really challenging but I'm up for the challenge.

I have been staring at my guitar whenever I wake up and tell myself that one day I will play music again. I may even purchase a yamaha slg110s and jam with friends some day. For now, it will be one day soon. Wait until I'm very well adjusted in my new career. I promise I'll get back to playing beautiful songs again.

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Employed

Today is the 1st of December. My absence online has been pretty obvious due to the fact that I'm still trying to adjust to my new routine.

I am now employed. I've been working at an Australian bank for more than 2 months now. I'm on a normal day shift and I'm still trying to adjust on this normalcy. I'm really glad to be finally working during the day and sleep soundly at night. My life is way better now to say the least. I'm also trying to adopt to the new environment and my new job role but I'm getting the hang of it. Sometimes l miss my job at Emerson - my previous employer but I need to focus on my new role now. I can look back but I will never go back to the graveyard shift.

There are still a lot of work to do for me to be able to completely adjust to the new company. I have found new friends and I'm having fun so far. I hope I'd be successful here, in God's help, of course. I trust that He's there to guide and bless me. For now, I'm happy to be the employed!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Simultaneous Audio And Video Capture On Mac Is A Walk In The Park

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  • An initial Web search would reveal the links which have the embedded files available for download. Selecting a safe and reputed site is recommended to avoid malware and spyware problems.
  • The next step is to download the installation file onto the computer’s hard disk. After the download is complete a click is all that is needed to install the program onto the hard drive and operating system. The express install fast forwards the installation process and selects the default options. The users may also chose custom installations and select their own preferences.
  • Once the software is installed the software needs to be opened. After that the calibrations need to be set for optimum performance and output. The setting for the audio devices needs to be dealt with very carefully. The devices set for the system need to match the devices set for the third party software. This will synchronize the devices and make recording possible.
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  • Video can also be recorded simultaneously.
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An Essential For Tutorials And Gameplay Videos

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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Unemployed

image from

My being unemployed is now getting boring. I miss going to work already. I miss doing something productive and getting paid. Sigh.

My next employment is due in more than a couple of weeks from now. I couldn't wait and I'm really excited being able to experience working the day shift which for me is a normal shift. I hope and pray that my pre-employment requirements will run smoothly so I would be able to go on-board on my first day in the new company. I really want to be able to tell the world about the company I'll be working for.

Meanwhile, I'll try to chill a little bit and enjoy my 2 weeks of staying at home. I know I should exercise a lot during this time or else I'll go on-board on my first day of work being a fat lady. I don't want to give my colleagues that first impression. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Not-Fairy-Tale-Like Love Story

My boyfriend and I wasn't able to really celebrate our 3rd year anniversary. We were extremely busy that day - August 29, 2013. Although we tried to somehow be together in a few hours.

The night before our anniversary, it was my last day at work. There were a lot of things in my mind. The day of our anniversary was the same day I signed a job offer for a company I will be employed at not too long from now. I finally got myself an employer right after my last day at Emerson. God is really good! :)

My boyfriend accompanied me to the new company and waited for a few hours as I signed the job offer. It was the only way we can be together that day. After that appointment, we went home. I slept for hours and my boyfriend went to photograph a wedding. I was supposed to help him out but I was really exhausted.

I went to see him again when I woke up in the evening and was surprised by a bunch of flowers he brought home for me. That was really sweet. We may not have had a grand celebration but at least we were together. We talked for a few more hours while his Yamaha Speakers were playing soft music in the background. We talked until past midnight.

Our love story isn't fairytale-like. It's a simple kind of love which is full of hopes and dreams. We fight about random things yet we still try to work things out. It's because we really love each other.

I know I'm not too young to be waiting but quite frankly, I'm willing to wait. My young boyfriend still have to learn a lot of things. I don't want to push him too hard. And I can be patient enough to teach him and just be there for him. Besides, there's a lot of things that I want to prove to myself before settling down. I may not be young but I'm not too old either. :)

We are holding on and will keep trying to defy all odds. If we are meant to be together, then be it - in God's perfect time. 

Third Year And Counting...

Three years!

Thanks for the bunch of flowers Bheb ko! I hope we will have a better celebration next year. LOL! I know we were too busy on that special day but I hope next year we can do better. Thanks for your love and patience. I love you! Mwah!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Going Back To Writing And Music...

I have really been very busy the past 4 months. To tell you the truth, I wasn't inspired to write on any of my blogs anymore. I get caught up with a lot of things in my life that writing was not a priority anymore. Not only that, I set music aside as well - the thing I'm most passionate about.

I really don't know when I'll be back into doing a lot of writing. But I will never shut this blog down. Nor will I stop being passionate about music. I guess I have to go bring myself back into what I love doing because maybe I might find myself inspired again. I guess I'm just getting old? What a lame excuse.

Well, at least I'm back. I'll try to get back into record guitars or posting some of my music videos online again very soon. I want to be happy again. I guess I just have to really figure out what I want to do with my life right now. I'm just in the middle of indecision and I'll post something about it some other time.

Believe me, I'm here now. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Slowest Train In The World

Riding the MRT (Manila Rail Transit) has been a pain lately. Instead of getting a ride home for only 15 minutes, now it would take me to almost an hour when there's no traffic along EDSA at around 5 o'clock in the morning. If I'm not only thinking about the dangers of going home on a bus in the wee hour of the morning, I am so tempted to change my mode of transportation to get home after work. Sigh.

According to the news, the trains are dealing with technical issues like their computers not getting any signal from the trains. When will they be able to fix this? Not only that, during rush hour, the queue on each train stations get really long. I pity those who are on those queue. It's a good thing that they limit the number of people on the platforms on each stations. But, duh! It takes hours for those people on queue to have their chance to be on the train because it takes a while for the train to get to the stations. This is such a dilemma.

I hope they'd be able to fix the problem really soon. I don't want to be riding the slowest train in the world anymore!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm Back And About! He Healed Me!

I have been sick for days. I had to endure the painful headache and not take medicines (pain relievers and paracetamols) because I'm allergic to them. I can't go to the hospital because I'm too weak I just slept my sickness off and of course, prayed to God that he will heal me. Guess what? He did! :)

That being said, I assure you all that I'm back and about! I'm well and ready to go back to business. Although I have already reported back to work last Monday. I am that workaholic. LOL!

Anyway, being sick sucks. I hope I won't have to go through that anymore.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

OOTC Vacay?

Some of my colleagues just came from vacation in Cambodia. I'm not really "chummy chums" with them so I didn't get any pasalubong or souvenir gifts from any of them. If I am friends with one, I'd ask him or her to get me promotional travel mugs. Unfortunately, I'm not.

I feel a bit jealous about how these guys get to travel in and out of the country. My company must have been paying them good salary that's why they're able to do that. Anyway, most of them are working in the company for more than 5 years now. I bet they've got really good pay this time.

I want to travel outside the country in the future, too. I should be working very hard for that dream vacation now. :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's A Spring Forward Monday!

Daylight Saving Time in the United States began 2 o' clock in the morning yesterday. So I call this day - the Spring Forward Monday! :)

As an employee for an American company, I am going to work 1 hour early today until November. To some, DST is a bit of a hassle because of getting up an hour early. For me, it actually doesn't matter. My early schedule which began a month ago already sucks. And I can't do anything about it since the new schedule means bigger opportunity for me at work. DST is a bit of an advantage for me because I get home early from today onward.

So... Spring Forward it is!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Sleep Dilemma

Sleeping can be difficult sometimes especially for an employee like myself who work nights. I don't have insomnia but sometimes there are factors that keeps me awake during the day.

  • Too exhausted to sleep. When I'm too exhausted to sleep, my mind is still too busy even if the lights are already switched off in my room. No matter how I tried to get some sleep, I just can't. Forcing myself to continue pretending to be asleep eventually works, ironically.
  • Messy apartment. Sometimes I have to force myself to cleanup because knowing that my apartment is that messy and dirty doesn't make me feel at ease at all.
  • Noisy environment. Since it's day time, one of my neighbors love to brag about how his behringer inuke nu1000 sounds like in the whole neighborhood. And I have to endure the pain of being awake the whole day.
  • Tons of work to do. Well, it has to do with me not able to manage my time that well. I tend to do things on the last minute which I'm aware it's something I have to change.
My work starts early tonight. I'm exhausted yet fulfilled about being able to finish all the chores before I hit the sack. My apartment is as spic as span as it could be and so far the neighborhood is peaceful. Now I can finally get some needed sleep! Good day, everyone! :)

Why is Monday the busiest day of the week?

image from

Monday is the busiest day of my week because I pretty much do everything (e.g. household chores, online chores, some personal errands, exercise if there's still time to do so) before I begin my first night at work. Sometimes, I don't have time to sleep anymore and get to the office almost half awake . I work nights so my Monday basically ends Tuesday morning and I'm already cranked up and just wanted to get home and get plenty of sleep.
You might ask what I do with my weekends when I am supposed to actually do the household chores during those days. Well, the whole day of Saturday and first half of Sunday is the only times of the week that I get to do my obligations and some of my duties at our church locale. After that, I'd doze off to sleep and wake up very early on Monday mornings. :)

I don't manage my time fairly well. I admit that. It's something I need to work on especially now that my shift at work begins 3 hours earlier than my previous schedule. I have to find a way to do all the things I needed to accomplish so that I don't get myself exhausted on Mondays. I don't want to be cranky at work and end up not doing my job well because I too sleepy. I have to do something about this.

Hence, I'm planning to make a schedule this week and see if works. I have to make this work. No more sleeping by the hours on weekdays when I can finish some online and household chores before hitting the sack! I need to discipline myself or else it will just go back to manic Mondays. I can do this! I won't make next Monday the busiest day of the week anymore! :)

Saving For The Love Of Gadgets

So my boyfriend and I were strolling the mall one late afternoon. He bought a battery for his phone and he brought me with him because we haven't gone to the mall together for a while. Aside from not wanting to splurge our money because we needed to save for something I want to have for my birthday, both of us are really not the type to frequent the mall. There are just a lot of more important things to do and church activities that we needed to attend to the past few months.

After paying for the phone battery, we decided to check out some of the gadgets at the stores. How I wish I could purchase just whatever I want from those stores. LOL! That was what I hate about the mall. It always make you want to buy things that are really not necessary for the time being. Maybe not having enough money on my pocket helped me not waste some of my savings, ya? 

Before moving on to the camera store, we passed by the music store and saw a really nice electric guitar. I have always dreamed of owning one which I can use on a tc helicon at Guitar Center. But just like what I did with the gadgets on the previous stores, I turned my back on it and headed to the camera store. 

There I was able to learn more about the DSLR camera that I'm planning to buy before my birthday. I have always wanted to own one and I'm positive that I'll be able to get my hands on one of them pretty soon. I just needed to work hard to save for it and be really patient.

After I'm able to purchase that dream DSLR camera, I think I'm ready to set my eyes on that electric guitar and a really good phone or tablet. :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Globe Telecom Under Maintenance - Sucks!

I have been waiting for Globe Telecom to make my landline and internet up and running again but to no avail. It's the 3rd day already yet my phone still isn't working. Sigh.

Then I realized I have a Sun Broadband (a competing Telecom) stick which is kept in my drawer. I thought this broadband stick doesn't work here in my room. But voila! It does work! And it's my way of keeping online right. The problem is, this broadband stick has poor signal. I still prefer the Globe broadband.

 I hope Globe is going to get my service back and running later today. I have already called customer service and was told that they're having system maintenance and that they're sorry for the inconvenience. I really hope and pray it won't be a week of no Globe internet service. Or else I'll be doomed. :D

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bringing Back The Healthy ME!

I'm tired of hearing people call me FAT! :D I just couldn't help myself indulge in the goodness of food! There's always a part of me that wanted to enjoy life and savor each and every delicacy that came my way. LOL!

I am fully aware that I have gained weight. My problems about gaining weight are: growing flabs on my belly and back (actually it's all over my body), the double chin, the allergies that I didn't have when I was younger, getting lazier each day and most of all, my dresses won't fit anymore. My weight is becoming more of a problem.

That's why I finally made the first BIG step to bringing back the healthy and pretty and sexy ME! LOL!

I enrolled myself in a GYM near the office today and did my first work out for this year! Congratulations to me! Since I once again spent money just to lose weight, I'm sure that I will make the most of the gym facilities. I really hope that this year's working out will help eliminate my allergies. I really feel like I got a lot of toxins in my body and I have to get rid of them. And it's happening from this day forward! Ajah! Haha!

I am so excited about going back to this journey to health and wellness! Wish me luck, folks!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Back On Track In Manila

Since I came back from my 5-day homecoming vacation last Friday, I just wanted to get enough sleep. Besides, I had a reason to be lazy. I went straight to work last Friday and became busy on Saturday and Sunday morning. Even my little home is messy and dusty, I left the mess alone for 3 days. I was just exhausted.

I finally had time today even for doing my laundry. It also got piled up after my vacation. LOL!

Now I'm finally back on track even with updating my blogs. I need to work on my blogs because I need to earn from them. There's a lot of work to do online and offline. I also have to focus on some important tasks at work because I'm aiming for something. I don't want to talk about what that is for now. I'll let you know soon. I hope I'd be able to manage my time really well. So help me, God. And yeah, I also have some obligations to do at Church.

I'll be very busy and challenged yet I'm ready!

From Baggage Guy To Band Vocalist

I was able to introduce my boyfriend with my musician cousins - Mark and Jayson. He got along pretty well with Mark. I guess it has to do with the age preference? LOL! With Mark, since he's easy going, my boyfriend didn't have a hard time connecting with him.

My boyfriend saw some videos of Kuerdas Band. He couldn't believe his eyes. Haha! It's because he saw that Mark was the lead vocalist of the band. And he couldn't believe how suave Mark was on stage. Then of course, I bragged about how the band started back then. That Mark used to be just the "baggage man" who used to tag along with us on our out-of-town performances. Then, when we decided to create the band, Mark became our bassist. Of course, we were on our teenage days back then, he didn't carry the markbass little rocker 500. He used a bass guitar and at the same time was a back up singer. It was when we realized he's got a good voice. Later on, Mark got promoted and became the lead vocalist together with yours truly. Now that I moved out of GenSan for a job opportunity years ago, Mark remained the only lead vocalist.

That's my cousin, Mark's from-the-"baggage guy"-to-band-vocalist story. My boyfriend was left amazed and went on watching the videos online.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Homecoming Quickie Post

This is going to be a quick post! LOL!

I'm coming back home tomorrow morning! I'm referring to my home in GENSAN!!! :D

I'm really excited. And guess who's going with me? - My one true LOVE!!! Yeah, he's excited about it too!

We'll be spending the night at his house. And he's fetching me in a few minutes. He's here now. And I have to go!

I'll be posting updates real soon!!!

God bless our trip! :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Making Money with Forex Trading

When it comes to money making, there are a lot of ways on where one can find today. That is the convenience of the generation has. Technically because, a lot of opportunities gone rampant may it be about work or business, indeed there are a lot of offers available to those interest individuals. But if you are to look for a particular industry where definitely money is guaranteed, business is indeed the perfect industry to give a try particularly the forex trading.

Forex trading is one of the great businesses to have. Aside from the fact that it is one of the fields that offer easy money, it is also one of the fast and convenient businesses to adopt. With its easy features that most companies both online and offline had have to offer to their investors, indeed there’s no doubt why a lot of people and more are getting involve into the said field.

Making money with forex trading is just simple. The key factors in order to get a good output in the field might you should try are the following:

  • First things first, physical and mental preparedness is really important.

    • If you’re into business, it’s really important to be prepared physically and mentally as these will help you do things accordingly. Because if you don’t have these two, tendency you will end up wasting everything.

  • Plan everything before doing so. 

    • Planning is a step to success. Before you make a move, always come up with a plan. In this way, you will be able to do the next step without regret.

  • Know everything.

    • As much as possible, try to dig deeper. If you know how exactly to do everything, don’t be afraid to learn to know what are others’ strategies on how they maintain their business in constant. In this way, you will be able to do it to yours too.

  • Never afraid of trying anything new.

    • It is always important to never get afraid of trying something new. It will help you learn. And never get afraid of losing what you have started as it exists everywhere. And everything you try something new, always consider it as part of getting success. 

Money making is never been easy as to what the era has to offer to individuals. Things made more convenient because of technology and just simply everything are done in instant without spending that much focusing on a particular field. But apparently, not all are that good in making things at ease. Some find it difficult and still struggle on how they can be successful in the field while others are contrary to the former. Hence, few only end up living a stable financial life regardless of the business they have. What these people do in order for them to be healthy financially, the only key is to know what the effective ways on how to become successful on the business they are in. 

For more information about forex, you can

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blogging My Precious Time

Time is running fast lately. I realized that because I often feel like I keep wasting so much of my precious time to very unproductive and sometimes non-sense things - like going through my Facebook page. I get hooked with nosing around people's statuses, make several likes and comments and then later realize I haven't done my important online chores because I'm exhausted. Other times, I play Candy Crush - the only online game I learned to play which I downloaded on my phone.

The thing is, I have been doing these online "nonsense and didn't have enough time with my blogs. I don't know why but I think I have to find a way to bring back my love to writing and blogging. I guess visiting old online friends' websites will encourage me to bring back that passion to write. I just don't allow myself to have the time.

I guess I have to discipline myself this time. I'm aware that there are lots of opportunities that I can get online. I just have to put more time and focus on my blogs. I have always dreamed of owning some more domains because there are a lot of things I want to write about. I even want to have that website builders rankings in order for Google to recognize my blogs. How would I be able to do all these if I keep wasting my time, right? It's about time to change. And the time is NOW!

Blogging world, here I go again! :)

This Girl Is On Fire!

Just before this year 2014 began, I had a sense that it is going to be a good year for me. Optimism and keeping my Faith helped a lot. I can definitely say this year is going to be a good year for me.

Career-wise, my hard-work last year paid off. And I'm slowly reaping my harvest! :) I feel truly blessed! Now I'm working on my savings which I can make a good use for my "future". :)

My love-life is doing just fine. It's a roller-coaster ride sometimes but I think my relationship with my boyfriend is better than what it used to be. We love and respect each other all the more this time. There's still a lot to go through, we are both aware of that. But we promised to be strong. I don't know what the future holds for us but I'm not anxious about it now. I just know that we're both willing to be patient with each other and help each other grow. I'm happy with what we have right now. That's all for now. LOL!

I haven't seen my family for months now. I so miss them! I'm excited about my homecoming which is 11 more days to go. I'll get to spend sometime with them. It wouldn't be much but I'll make the most of my upcoming vacation. The love of my life is coming with me. It's about time he meet the whole family. :)

I know for a fact that I'll be going through some rough times as well. I'm ready for that. I have God to back me up and He will never forsake me. He has really been good all this time. All I can do is to be a good servant to Him and perform all my duties and obligations that He gave me.

What I'm praying for this year? That is to have good health and be more optimistic and be brave enough to face all life's challenges. I am really on fire right now. I feel like I have fully grown into a woman, that I have matured. I hope I'd stay consistent and really focused this time.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Saturdays Are Boyfriend Days

I was at my boyfriend's house yesterday. Despite my constant prodding of asking him to send me home so I can fully rest to feel better, he didn't allow me. I didn't stand my ground or else we will end up fighting. And besides, it's the only day of the week that him and I get to spend more time being together. 

I have been sick with cough and flu for days now and there are kids, his nephews, at their house. I don't want to spread epidemic especially to the kids that's why I was insisting to come home instead. But since I wasn't allowed to go home, I stayed distant from the kids as much as I can. The younger nephew kept going near me and kept asking a lot of questions. That's what he does when I'm around because he's aware that I'm very much fond of him. I have to constantly remind him that he doesn't have to talk face to face with me or else he will also get sick.

So what my boyfriend did was give the kids a bunch of coins to play with so they won't bother going to me anymore. It worked! LOL! They concentrated on playing with the coins. Thankfully those coins are not custom coin because some of them are scattered on the floor and rolled beneath the furnitures. When the kids were done, my boyfriend had a hard time collecting his coins back.

I slept the remaining of the day because I was so tired and exhausted. My body feels like I need a lot of sleep this weekend. I hope and pray that I will fully recover this weekend so that spending my next Saturday with my boyfriend and his nephews will be more fun.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's Late But Happy New Year!

It's been 10 days since 2014 began. It took me so long to make an update on this blog. I know it's late but I still want to say:

Happy New Year to everyone! :) 

So what took me so long to blog? I got lazy and always got distracted by my boyfriend. LOL! And of course I've been too busy with work - the usual stuff.

The truth is, I haven't really organized my thoughts about my plans for this year. I haven't even set up a concrete goal yet. It's still something in the works. Although there are a lot of things I want to do this year. Once I'm able to plan everything out, I'll let you guys know about it.

Here I am again, mumbling and just being gibberish. My thoughts are just random because I'm sick right now. Not really a good start for this year. But I hope to be able to publish an interesting post next time. For now, I'll hit the sack and recuperate.

Take care everyone!