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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My First Blog

I feel kind of nervous doing this first entry for this blog. I have never published any of my works and I feel kind of hasty doing this. But anyway, I think it will be fun. I did a lot of personal journals since elementary days and I remember myself enjoying it. So why not try blogging? The idea of blogging came from my cousin, Ellaine, who is as of now a "blogger addict". Basically, it is the first and last thing she does everyday. Even when she bakes a cake, she still thinks about the cards she could drop. It makes me wonder why it has become her addiction. She told me to try it myself. I was not too confident with any of my works when I was young especially when it comes to writing. I was so concious about my grammar. And I think until now I'm scared of how people will think about what I will be writing. I hope by doing this, it will help me overcome those fears. I want to be able to write about things that a lot of people will learn from. I want to be able to write with confidence and spontaneity. I also want to be appreciated. So help me God.

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Jean9 said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Allena, I enjoy blogging to but would not say that I am an addict. I only get to post once a week or so. But I sure do enjoy visiting other blogs.