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Monday, August 25, 2008

Samal Island Get-Away

Me and my cousins planned for an excursion a few days after I got myself back here in gensan. Since Kuerdas received an invitation to perform at the Roots Art Reggae Festival 2008 in Matina Town Square in Davao City, we all agreed to proceed to the Island Garden City of Samal the following day.

Geographically speaking, Samal Island is near Davao City. It is one of the cities in the province of Davao del Norte. The island is a paradise. It has lots of resorts and beaches in it. The most popular and expensive resort there is Pearl Farm. And since we can't afford to be there, we ended up in a cheaper but also amazing beach called Kaputian Beach Park.

September 24 was the day we headed to Samal Island. We rode on a barge which brought us to the island's port. While on the barge, we still haven't figured out what resort we will be staying at. Then one of the passengers, upon hearing our discussions, suggested Kaputian Beach Park.

The trip going to Kaputian was tough. The only means of transportation to the resort was a single motorcycle we call "habal habal". It can accomodate to a maximum of 4 people including the driver . Plus the the big baggages that we carry with us. We have to travel for an hour before we could get to our destination. And you can imagine the agony we went through because of that ride. The road was really bumpy and scary at times. But then we had fun. We were even laughing though we felt the pain on our butts.

We were all relieved when we reached our destination. Kaputian Beach Park was really a haven. All the sourness we felt on our way to the beach were forgotten because we were all in awe by the beauty of the resort. So calm and beautiful.

We took pictures before sunset and prepared our food for dinner. After a few walks along the seashore, we went to sleep early.

At dawn, we changed to our swimwears and ran to take a swim to the inviting beach. We took some more pictures of the resort with us doing different poses. We even took pictures jumping skyhigh. It was really fun!

After lunch, we waited for the barge that will send us back to Davao City. We finally bid goodbye to the island around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. It was exhausting but definitely a great experience!

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