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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back To Work!

I reported to work earlier just to find out that today's my rest day. Nice work, Rowell... That's my Team Leader's name. I sent him a message on his phone the other night asking what will be my schedule. He didn't reply to that. So I went to the office and checked it myself.

I chatted with friends as I waited for Rowell. I realized that the ambiance of the office is really stressful. You will be hearing keyboards being tapped or pushed, clicks of the computer mouse, voices calling out and cusses of co-workers after pressing the mute button of the Avaya phone. It feels like I'm in a market place when I was there. It made me ask myself if I made the right decision of going back here in Manila. But then, I actually already made my choice and I have to stick to it. There's no turning back anymore. All I have to do is focus and do my best in my chosen profession.

Rowell received a little spanking from me when he arrived. By the way, my boss treat us like his circle of friends so the spanking get in the way,hehehe. His invalid reason was that he never got any messages from me. That's just another one of his alibis. And of course I still don't hate him. We chatted for a while with my team mates and then later on went to the top floor to take part to the 3rd Quarterly Recognition of our Account.

Top agents, team leads and managers were given awards and rewards. It was good to know that we have in our team the person who got the award as the top agent. I haven't met her yet but they said she's really good and that she deserved the award. There was an acoustic band that entertained us and the food is okey.

I went home right after the party ended. It's good that my evening turn out bad. Rowell asked me if I want to stay and barge calls with one of my team mates. I said I can't because my back hurts and that I haven't had enough sleep. When in fact, I was just thinking about blogging,hehehe. Besides, I won't get any pay if I stayed.

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