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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Charice Pempengco

I'm a fan of Charice Pempengco. I really like the way she sing. She's now 16 years old but she became famous internationally when she was 15. Millions of people watched her awesome performance on YouTube when she sang in a contest in Korea. Some didn't believe that it was her voice. She is a petite girl and a lot wouldn't believe at first that the great voice which is admired by a lot of people is coming from that little girl. She has very good vocals.

All the speculations vanished when she sang live on Ellen Degeneres's show. She sang the piece that made her famous - You're Gonna Love Me, which was also popularized by Jennifer Hudson on the movie Dream Girls. That was actually the start of her American dream. After that performance, she was also invited on Oprah's show. She of course, also did a superb performance there. Take note of this. She wasn't just invited once but 3 times! The last time she guested in Oprah was that the story about her life was told. She was recommended by Oprah to other great producers in the United States and was recently invited to sing with her idol, Celine Dion.

All her performances around the globe received standing ovations. When I watch her videos on YouTube, I can't help myself sometimes that I shed a tear on some of her performances. What make love about this kid is that she remains humble even though she leaped that high. She is so proud to be a Filipino and it will also make you proud as you watch each of her performances.

She really is a pride of the Philippines and she gets to share her great talent around the world.

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