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Sunday, October 19, 2008

DVD on a Sunday

I just went out to buy DVDs earlier. I got bored after I was done dropping cards for my EC. I thought what about doing movie marathon later? I'm planning to watch the 4th episode of Desperate Housewives. It has become one of my favorite TV series. Me and my cousin Michelle are hooked to this. The characters are so funny and each episodes has moral lessons in it. I think one of the reasons why people get addicted to this a particular TV series is because they get to see themselves in some of the characters and they get to relate to it.

I bought the DVDs along Buendia, Makati. I just liked the atmosphere of that part of the city when it's a Sunday. That is basically my route when going to and from work. When it's normal working days, especially in the mornings, there's a helluva lot of people on the streets. But today, just like any other Sundays, it is so peaceful. No irritating traffic jams and noisy horns of vehicles, not too much pollution, best of all there are less people loittering the streets. So you won't have the chance to accidentally bump into someone for not having too much space on the sidewalks. And what I like about that walk earlier was that it wasn't that hot. I think it's going to rain later today.

Enough about my blogging. I'm gonna go ahead and start my movie marathon, hehehe... Ooops! I haven't had my pop corn ready yet! Aaw! :)


Polly said...

I'm a Desperate Housewives fan too - we are due to get a new series beginning this week ... apparently 5 years into the future. Can you imagine that?? :)

twinks said...


I've seen some episodes of Desperate Housewives, but I'm no a follower.
Enjoy watching! :]

Btw, thanks for adding me in your blogroll.

Tc :]

Anonymous said...

Hi Dude!
How about exchanging Links?!
Visit my site and if u like it,pls blogroll me and i too will put a link for your site on my blog!!

Lollii-Pii said...

I wanna watch it^^,,,...
Is it all right for teens to watch it?..Anyways, have a ha-pii film viewing..^^

God Bless..and thanks for following my blog..[♥]

Lollii-Pii said...

PAHABOL: Nice post^^