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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Got My Plane Ticket... :(

I purchased my plane ticket bound for Manila yesterday. The plane departs at 10:05am on Tuesday and I'll be on a Philippine Airline flight. Oh boy! Soon I'll be leaving this place. I won't be able to update my blog that often because I will be busy working my a$$. I really wish I could stay.

I was supposed to leave on Monday but then the available ticket is expensive. It is worth more than P3,000.00. The lady checking the flights told me that there is an available flight for Tuesday that's way cheaper. The one owning the reservation backed out so she told me that I can take advantage of that flight instead. Thank goodness I saved more than 500 bucks for the reservation!

Ah! I have to prepare my suitcase. I still don't feel like doing it. Well, as if I have a choice!

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AMIT said...

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