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Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Blog Layout Rocks!!!

I am quite new to blogging and obviously quite new to computer technology as well. As I've said on one of my entries in this blog, I am not that technically inclined. In fact, when I started my blog, I had my cousin Ellaine fix it for me. She also taught me the basics of how to do the layout. Knowing myself to be stubborn, I didn't quite absorb everything she taught me. I even messed up the layout of my blog.

It came to a point that I am becoming frustrated of how my blog looked like. I kept on pestering Ellaine about fixing it until she told me that a friend of hers is ready to lend a hand.I was relieved because at that time I have already started dropping cards and was kind of embarrassed about my blog.

Ellaine provided me quite an impression about Ivy Sterling. She's a pro when it comes to making blog layouts. She was actually the one who designed all of Ellaine's blogs. And to top it all, one of Ivy's blogs entitled "The Designer Chic" showcases some of her nice designs. You guys better check them out yourself especially those who are interested in beautifying their blog layout.

After a few introductions through YM chat Ivy started to ask me what I would want my blog to look like. I told her that I like tribal designs and that I would like a combination of purple and black colors in the layout. Ivy was so resourceful and creative and came up with a very unique design. Way to go girl!

Alas! Here it is! I know you would agree to this statement - my blog layout really rocks!


ivy said...

Hi len, I'm glad that you like your new blog layout.... Enjoy bloging

twinks said...

Ivy did a great job designing your layout.
Kudos to her!

Take care!

Jean9 said...

Your layout is so very attractive. Ivy has a wonderful talent for designing blog layouts.