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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Polly made my day!!!

I have been busy lately. I have started taking calls this week and have been pretty exhausted after work that I wasn't able to update my blog (although I still managed to at least drop EC cards while at work). Basically, I go straight to bed when i get home from work. I don't wanna tire myself enough and I don't wanna end up being sick again. It's better to be cautious, right?

I was browsing through blogs the other day at work and I came across Polly's- Random Ramblings, one of my favorite bloggers. I was surprised because she gave me an award and it's actually my first time to get one. Actually she gave me two awards! hehehe... It really made my day! Thanks so much Polly! Here they are!

And I like to pass this on to another favorite blogger Lollii of "My Kawaii Life". She blogs just about everything and she reminds me of myself while growing up.

I also would like to share this award to my cousin Ellaine who's got a lot of blogs - Lainy's Musings, Our Journey to Forever, Kuerdas, and Certified Fashionable Chic. I know she already received a lot of these awards. This is also a way of saying THANK YOU to her for being my mentor in blogging and for just being there for me. Love you te!


Scotty's Princess said...


This is sweet! Thanks Bang. However, I've already got these awards but I will get your name posted as one of the great bloggers who gave me these awards.

Miss Yah and Love Yah!

Hugs & Kisses!

Scotty's Princess said...

Here are the links, Bang: OF AWARDS AND TAGGIES PART 2 and

Lollii-Pii said...

Hi ate ally
i already have the butterfly award..I'll add u on the people who sent it to me nalang^^...I'm glad you like my blog^^,,,and Thank you!Thank you sooo Much for these awards..Gof Bless..~♥