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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reading and Reminiscing...

I found my old diary at home and brought it here in Manila. The entries that were written were some days I had during my fourth year in college. I had fun reading and reminiscing the old days. Most of my entries involved finding princes and then ended up loosing frogs (forgive my metaphor but the men really sucked!), my immaturity when it comes to dealing with my boyfriends and things I did in my entire day! I wrote just about everything even my doing of household chores. And I just realize how horrible my handwriting was! The diary made me rewind my past experiences. How happy I was being in love and how pathetic I have become when a boyfriend whom I loved so much dumped me. Geez! I'm patronizing myself!

I did a lot of things in college. Most of them are silly, some are heart breaking and so much of them are fun. I joined the choir named Tambuli Singers where I met a lot of good friends, I sang with different bands and was still able to balance it with my studies. I was amazed that besides the pressure in school and a lot of activities I attend to, I was still able to finish my degree.

I was very enthusiastic about everything. I have the burning passion of living my life to the fullest. I know I still have that desire. To be always at my best despite the trials at hand. Although sometimes I am overpowered by my stubbornness, I still remind myself about my dreams.

It dawned on me that every single thing that happened to that chapter of my life taught me a lot of things. It has taught me to become stronger. It gave me valuable lessons that make me think I somehow made the right decisions in life. Even though I stumbled and fell, I managed to keep my head up high and stood firm on every decisions I make. Thanks to the hardships and trials because it made me appreciate life and the beauty of my existence.

Glory to God!


Scotty's Princess said...


This is an awesome write up. You write from your heart and your readers can take a genuine glimpse of what's inside your heart... Up close and personal ka dito, hehe!

Inggit ako sa layout mo ba. Ang EC widget parang weird masyado, hahaha! Ganda-ganda naman ng magical cretaion ni Ivy- siempre through your artistic imagination narin, hehe!

Polly said...

I finally found your blog ... may I say what a lovely blog it is ... all the best, Polly