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Monday, October 27, 2008

Time to WIN!!!

Hey shorty! It's her birthday! We're gonna party coz it's her birthday!

Yes! There's gonna be a party coz my cousin Ellaine's birthday is coming up! This woman works so hard and she so deserves all the great blessings in her life now. Her blogs could tell how wonderful she is. You might wanna check 'em out:

Our Journey To Forever Lainy's Musings Kuerdas The Certified Fashionable Chic

Yeah right... She's not getting any younger yet she's getting prettier, hehehe! She has received a lot of blessings this year and she wants to share it. Hence, she came up with a birthday contest. How to join? Just click the logo below!

Here are the cool prizes you can get if you're lucky:


  • Free Blog Lay Out courtesy of Ivy of The Designer Chic valued at $30
  • Cash Prize - $20
  • EntreCard Credits - 5,000
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ Lainy's Musings
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ AZ Blogging
  • Cash Prize - $15
  • EntreCard Credits - 3, 000
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ Our Journey to Forever
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ My Blog Says
  • Cash Prize - $10
  • EntreCard Credits - 2, 000
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ Kuerdas
  • Cash Prize- $ 5
  • EntreCard Credits- 1, 000
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 As Space for a month @ Random Ramblings
Isn't that just great??? I bet you would want those prizes as much as I do! So what are you waiting for? Blog now and don't miss the chance! This contest is until October 28 at 12 midnight, Philippine time.

Ellaine's friends made this contest possible. Here they are:

The Designer Chic AZ Blogging My Blog Says Your Partner Online Twerlermz BLog Happy Family My Kawaii Life Reveiling Oneself... Expressing the Real Me Twinkletoe Writing Space Everyday Life My So Called Life In The Eyes of the Beholder A Woman Under God's Grace Random Ramblings Briggs Time for Escapades

Happy birthday my dear cousin!!! May God continue to bless you and make all your wishes come true!!! mwah!!! Love you!!!


Scotty's Princess said...

Ganda naman ng entry mo, Bang! I'm touched! I was able to see the keepsake you made from MovieMaker, pero narration lang, wala yong pics. If only you could have it posted, PANALO!

THanks so much for this post, and for the sponsorship. I'd like to make your participation official. Just kindly verify your subscription. Do check you email and verify your subscription from there.

GOODLUCK cousin dearie!

Babette said...

Hi Ally, I have a tag for you. :o)

Babette said...

Eight Random Things

oops, here it is.

Lollii-Pii said...

^^...reading ur post..
*Happy B-day Ate Ellaine*
God Bless^^

twinks said...

Ellaine is indeed a very sweet person/blogger. She deserves all the blessing she's been receiving in life.

Goodluck to all participants! including me..yeey! :]

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