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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I just got home from a date. Yes, you heard it right. I was out on a date with an old time male friend. His name is Ver, and it was the first time that we got reunited since way back in college. We were both members of the Tambuli Singers and he was one of the nicest friends I had back then.

We had coffee at Starbucks Greenbelt and it was Ver's treat. We talked a lot about what's going on with our lives at present. I learned that he was also in a call center industry and his company is just near my workplace. We were laughing about the silly memories we had during Tambuli days. How fun it was back then.

However, in between those great memories are sad stories. Our mentor Ms. Gene Liwanag already passed away about a year ago. It was really heartbreaking news to all of us. Me and Ver weren't around during her wake and burial. We were just informed by friends about her sudden death. Worst is, we never had the chance to talk to her and settle differences with her. I still feel bad about it.

Ms. Liwanag is a very nice woman and we were all thankful to her because in a way, she has been a great part of our lives. She has taught us how to sing properly and also she taught us to love music even more. I can still remember how excited I was everytime we have our practises during after class hours. And then she teaches us different songs. Songs that we love and sing from our hearts. The best thing about Tambuli Singers was that we have experienced great friendship and we were loved by Ms. Liwanag like sons and daughters. We were a big family back then.

It made me feel glad that I had that tête-à-tête with Ver. At least it wasn't just an ordinary day I spent today. It made me realize that the world were living in is indeed just a small world. We come across old acquaintances the least we expected them. Who knows, I might just bump into another one the next time.


sasha said...

It is always fun to spend some time with an old friend. Time flies if you are reminiscing about the good old days :)

Liza said...

hi allena! i'm sorry to hear about your mentor. it's great to be reunited with old friends and catch up on things.

have a great weekend. thanks for dropping by :D