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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Zipline Experience

Me and my friends went to Digos City last September 29. We were told that we will be doing some sightseeing in Kapatagan - The Summer Capital of Digos.

It was almost a 2-hour ride from Davao City. I never heard of the place before. While in the car my friends were talking about Kapatagan. They said that it has become famous because of the Zip Line attraction in Camp Sabros. Well, I have to see for myself.

It felt like I was in Baguio City when we arrived in Kapatagan. There are lots of pine trees around us and the weather is cool. The fog is still visible. We still have to ride a motorcycle going to Camp Sabros. Kapatagan was said to be on 3,980 feet on elevation. The road going there was slippery but we made it to the camp.

When we reached the camp, the zip line automatically caught my attention. I was looking at the other hill where the end of the line is located. It was too far. The zip line was 380 meters long and you will be seeing range of pine trees and the view of the forest right below it which is about 180 ft. I can't wait to zip off!

We decided to zip by pairs. I paired with my cousin Jayson. When it was our time to zip, the feeling was a mixture of excitement and thrill. Now it's my time to fly like Darna! It was an adrenalin-pumping experience! I was a bit scared because during the flight, it felt like I'll bump into the tall trees. I can't help myself but scream! It was really nerve-wracking! I can still remember the feeling of being able to fly like darna without capes. When we get to the middle of the zip line, the fear of heights were gone. I was amazed by the perfect view right down at me.

It was just a 60-second zip so i felt unsatisfied. After the zip line, we went ahead to the cable car so we could go back to the camp. This time the speed is slower and we got the chance to enjoy the view below us. So beautiful!

The rain poured right after we reached the camp. The road going down from Camp Sabros is a lot slippery. I chose to walk down the hill. And while walking, I still have that smile on my face, thinking about the Zip Line experience.

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