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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Exercise or not to exercise???

I always crave for buttered chicken this week. That is why for three consecutive days, I have my lunch at KFC. I am not much of a voracious eater. I only eat when I'm hungry. But then I haven't did any exercises lately so even though I don't eat that much, I still gain weight. And every time I see my enlarging tummy in the mirror, I get frustrated. And then I tell myself " that's what you get for not doing some exercise".

I always remind myself about it but then stubbornness gets in the way. And then procrastination begins! hahaha! I also thought of buying a Hip-Hop Abs DVD so I won't have to go out and jog just to get rid of unwanted fats and burn some calories. But then I always forget. Maybe I should get one of those diet pills available over the counter. That would be my last resort!

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