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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Horror movies, scary documentaries, weird costumes, candles - these are some of the manifestations of Halloween. Here in the Philippines, most Filipinos pay tribute to their deads. A lot of them are flocked in cemeteries and are busy cleaning up the tombs and celebrating. Yes, you won't see them grieve over there. In fact, you will even see disco lights in some cemeteries. People bring buffet of foods and candles and flowers. This is also the time for family reunions.

I don't participate in such chaos because I am scared of getting suffocated in a crowded place. I would want to visit my loved ones' grave but definitely not on Halloween. I'd rather stay at home and watch movies or horror flicks.

I remember when I was a child, me and my friends gather in one of our neighbor's house and tell scary stories about ghosts, vampires, supernatural creatures like maligno or aswang (Filipino mythical creatures) . While we are focused on discussing and scaring our butts off, one would boo us (especially the older ones) and everybody screams! hahaha! Childhood days were really fun!

Trick or treat is not that common here in the Philippines especially in rural areas (well, not in our province). It would've been fun if we have that when I was a kid. I can stay up late gathering assorted candies and wear costumes with friends. I would've enjoyed some more scary times with my buddies. If I will have kids in the future, I'll let them do trick and treat! Hah! Wishful thinking!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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Christine for BLOG SISTERS said...

Hi Allena, I stumbled upon your blog and was pleasantly surprised to learn you are in Philippines. I love to travel but not have not reached the Philippines yet. Your story on Halloween was very enlightening and spooky. I had no idea some cultures visit and celebrate the dead at the cemeteries. Too eery from me. Halloween is quite different here in Miami. It's more a fashion show. Look forward to following your blog.