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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Sunday

Thank God it's another Sunday! I will be going to church later today around 6:45am, the usual worship time. It's another day to reflect and thank God for all His wonderful blessings. After church, I'll go straight to the market to buy some fresh goodies. Our fridge is near empty right now. We don't even have fresh vegetables in it.

I am already missing Michelle. We always go together every Sunday. She is actually the one in charge of budgeting our expenses for the week. And she is the one who mostly cook our meals. She'll be back on Monday, anyway. And I am excited about what she'll bring for us from Mindanao. I am also excited about her stories and for sure she'll show me a lot of photos from her vacation.

I will run my errands today and do household chores. When I'm done with them, I'll indulge on another DVD Marathon. Well, this is actually my usual course every Sundays! And this is just fine! hehehe...

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!!

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