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Monday, November 17, 2008

I had a bad day :(

I had a rough day at work earlier. I didn't finish my shift because I was so pissed off with what happened.

I was busy on a call when I heard my colleagues fight over a re-routed call. I was so in-depth with my call that later did I realize they were pointing fingers at me. Our supervisor is already interrogating me about it while I am on a call. I am already glaring at them but then I can't just tell them immediately that I don't have anything to do with it because in the first place, I don't reroute my calls or do anything that will jeopardize my employment.

Right when I was done helping the customer troubleshoot his issue, I went right away to my boss and asked him about the cat fight. He told me that I re-routed the call to the que and that Joanne received the call. The customer asked for a supervisor without telling Joanne about her issue. I was furious because I never did it (which I know some of my colleagues do). Why the hell do they point fingers at me?

I told both Joanne and Chelly that I didn't do it. That they should fix their issue and not point fingers on other people. Better yet not make me part of their personal issues.

I just hope both of them realize what mess they made today. I'm not going to sit beside anyone of them anymore. They both really stress me out. I am sick and tired of them whining over their calls and their rants about their lives. They rant because they're both unhappy and they wanted us to feel it too. I am not the kind of person who will keep on patronizing people. I hope they would realize that those rantings affect their colleagues. There are even times that I am already showing no interest on their whinings but they still keep going. I'm not rude but sometimes I can't help but shush them so they would stop. They thought I was just kidding when I do that. And they will still keep going. There were days that I would ignore them when they talk so they would shut up. What's wrong with these people?

Why don't they just exude positive attitude at work instead? No matter how intelligent they think about themselves, which is what they're trying to prove to everyone, it doesn't matter anymore. They are actually not helping the team because of their attitudes.

Worst part of my shift was when I got a call with a very irate customer. She also became part of my bad day! Urrggh! That's it! I have to go home because I really want to cry. Good thing Michelle was home. I told her about what happened at work. I was relieved because she was there. And I got this blog where I can espress my angst on... Whew!

I'm sorry about this post... :(

By the way... About the photo on this post, that wasn't how I looked like when I stormed out of the office,hehehe....

Oh.. Here's a song that my supervisor on my past employment loved to play. It's called HAD A BAD DAY by Daniel Powter


Windmill said...

Awwww mannn!


Were you showing your middle finger at me?


Take it easy on yourself girl. Life has more to offer than being pissed, shafted, WTF and DAMN-YER-ALL!!!

Remember the story about the man who complained that he had no shoes until he met a man who had no feet?


God Bless you!

Twerlyn said...

hi Allena, ur collegues are just acting like a know so many of that crabs here in the Philippines. What a mentality grrr!

One of these days mabasa yan nila blog mo..sana matauhan cla!!

Don't mind them nalang..hayaan mo sa susunod(everyday) lahat ng customers nila irate, wala kahit isa na mabait..hehe! Sana magdilang angel ako =)

Scotty's Princess said...

Hmmmmp! Ay naku!

Those people are insecure and unhappy! Why not tell them to purchase their own domains? Rave and rant in their own blogs, let's see if they are gonna get their readers attention, hahaha!

Keep your cool cousin dearie! Good thing indeed you have this blog to espress your angst on. And You have Windy and Lerma to cheer you up ;-)

Smile! Life is beautiful!

twinks said...

Naku sis relax lang..
ang wrinkles natin dadami.
haayan mo na yong mga bitter mo na mga collegues..
may mga tao talagang ganyan..
tell them to start their own blog and do some crazy ec droppings hehehe..
take care!

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

no need to be sorry Allena =) its ok

ganyan talaga sa call center there are good days and a lot more bad ones hehehe.

is it even technically possible for an agent to re-route a caller back to the queue?

ang alam ko the only way for another agent to get the same caller is if the customer calls again e.

neway, I hope you feel better =)

ally said...

Windmill said...
Awwww mannn!


Were you showing your middle finger at me?


Take it easy on yourself girl. Life has more to offer than being pissed, shafted, WTF and DAMN-YER-ALL!!!

Remember the story about the man who complained that he had no shoes until he met a man who had no feet?


God Bless you!


Thanks for the thought...hehehe, Yeah I know that story. And the middle finger isn't for u! hahaha! I just find that photo funny so i pasted it here...

Thanks again! Tc!

ally said...

thanks twerlyn, ellaine, twinks and wendy! yeah right! they just don't have a blog where they can rant their frustration at,hehehe... For wendy, yup! some of my colleagues actually know how to reroute calls. They do that if they don't want to talk to the customer anymore or if they want to save their Average Hold Time...

""rare*jonRez"" said...

ouch! i can't relate to the pain because i have never worked in the same industry yet but i do have friends who are and yeha, they have the same complaints as u. well, i hope ur feeling better now.. i guess bad days are part of our usual lives and such help us in making our next days even positive. meron lang talaga mga tao na ganyan ang pag-uugali and all we can do is just ignore them. :)


ally said...

hi rare*jonrez!

Thanks... Oo nga. Part of life... I am feeling better now. Actually I felt better right after I posted this entry... I just want to let it out,you know, hehehe.. Thanks ulet!!! ingat!

suedonim16 said...

hi ally! i just finished reading ur post. hehehe. u actually looked so stressed out yesterday when we met you on your way home. good thing, u were allowed to go home early..
it's just so bad that u happened to be seated in the middle of them yesterday. i would have been pissed like you were if i was in ur position.
anyways, since you were able to express ur emotion thru this blog, i hope u feel better now...=)
btw, it looks like it's my turn for a bad day today, huhuhu...

ally said...

hi viv!

yeah I was seated in the middle of them. I feel better now actually and good thing both of them are on off right now. we actually will be having a peaceful shift today! hahaha! hey! cheer up girl! don't let your calls ruin your day! hehehe... nagsalita???

Babette said...

You're right about moving away from them, they sound toxic. What they did was totally unacceptable.

Mizé said...

Hi. People like that can really stress us out, but that doesn´t help either.
I lol, lol, the pic. It was how I felt yesterday. I also wrote a post of my bad day. That´s what blogs are for. Online friends can help relief the stress a bit, don´t they?
Positive thinking is very powerful too.