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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Miss my folks...

Ever since I was back here in Manila, I still keep missing my folks in Mindanao. I feel like my one-month vacation there last September was not enough. I really would love to spend a little more time with them especially with my mom. I miss her so much. I miss the way she took care of me when I was there, sick. I miss her hugs and kisses. The bond that we made during my stay there is different than what we had before. It made me become closer to her.

I just hope that I could get to spend my New Year celebration with them. I can't wait to go home! I actually keep on pestering Rowell, my supervisor, to approve my vacation leave. He doesn't want to get it done yet. He want me to pass my stats at work first. I hate it when he does that!

I envy my cousin Michelle who's enjoying her vacation in Mindanao right now. They are actually planning to go swimming today. Ellaine fusses over it when we were chatting earlier. How I wish I was there too. Oh boy! For sure she will be showing off the pictures as soon as she gets home. And I'll be even more jealous! Damn! I so miss my folks!


inguaribile said...

:-) smile is free :-)
Nice to meet you

suedonim16 said...

hi ally. it must be really difficult for you to be away from your loved ones. I have once been away fr my family for just a month and i missed them terribly.
but don't worry, TL Rowell will find a way for u to get a leave for the new yr. =)

ally said...

I hope so viv,hehehe... tnx!