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Sunday, November 30, 2008


I was quite intrigued with the movie Twilight so Michelle and I went to see it earlier at Glorieta Mall. It was fantastic! Kristen Stewart did great on this movie and she's already a grown teenager here. She's beautiful! And partnered with the handsome guy - Robert Pattinson, they're perfect on screen together!

Kristen as Bella Swan fell in love with a gorgeous vampire Robert as Edward Cullen. After her mom remarried, she decided to live with his dad who is from Forks, Washington. Bella is a bit different. Basically not like all the other girls on campus. She's pretty but not the flirty type. She's not interested on meeting some guys in town until he sees Edward who's strikingly handsome yet mysterious. Right after Edward saved her by stopping a car with barehands, she never stopped thinking of him and got even more curious about him. After knowing that he's a vampire, it never stopped her from loving him. She's not afraid of him being a vampire. What she was afraid of is losing him.

It was a unique love story. An immortal falling in love with a human being. This is also a story of a vampire who doesn't feed on human beings. They feed themselves with the blood of animals. Hence, they consider themselves as vegetarians. Although there are other family of vampires who are really bad - those who kill people and feed on them. The story is going to show how greatly Edward's love for Bella. He's gonna do what it takes to protect Bella from the enemies and from himself because on this story, aside from his love, he also has the desire for Bella's blood!

Ah! All I can say is I love the movie and if there's a part 2 of the story, I'm going to watch it too!

Here's one of the soundtracks of the movie - Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park.


honey said...

Hmmmm...this is an interesting story I wish I could watch this.. ho ho ho.. poor honey!

wait nalang ko sa DVD...HEHEH!

ROSILIE said...

I watched this too.My, kakakilig!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!!

love them both!

filmblogger said...

hmmmmm, i'm so exceted to see this movies. Really it can be the best 2008's film.


Lollii-Pii said...
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Lollii-Pii said...

Harry potter is good but twilight is better.Nyahahah~ I've watched it together with my mother dear. I so totally love Edward Cullen. And btw,..for everyone's information, The actor who played Edward's part is the one who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter- The goblet of fire. hahaha...
My mom even wanted to buy a book. but yah know, It's too expensive. haha..
&& there's definitely a 2nd part..
haha...all I cans ay is that this movie totally rocks and I ♥ Edward Cullen