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Friday, November 21, 2008

November Recognition Event

The Recognition Event for this month was held last night. A lot of individuals and teams were awarded and part of those awards were nice incentives. Unfortunately, our team didn't get any of those awards. We know we are to be blamed because we did not perform well last month. Our team leader Rowell was also disappointed but then we told him that we're going to make it up to him this month. I hope that next month our team could also get recognized and we would be able to perform well.

After the program, we had our share of the free meal prepared by the management. The food was fine. It was better that what we had last month,hehehe... The best thing about last night was that we did not take a lot of calls because of the Recognition Event. We had a lot of time off the phone and did a lot of chitchat! Well, that's about it! I will sleep today with the hopes of making my performance better this month so I could get the chance to be one of the awarded reps next month! So help me God! hehehe....

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suedonim16 said...

I wish I was there during the rec event. I got to attend it only once. Next time, i hope our team bags an award. We really need to make it up to TL this month...hehehe