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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Relaxing moment!!!

After a long week of hardwork, me and Michelle decided to treat ourselves with a foot spa and hair treatment on a salon. It was relaxing and fun! Michelle said I looked prettier with my hair! hahaha! Unfortunately, we didn't think of getting photos of ourselves after going to the salon. We didn't even bother to go out to show off our newly treated and blow dried hair! We went straight home, eat our dinner and slept,hehehe...

Since we had fun and felt really good about our hairstyles, we both decided to do this girlie thing every other month. To have fabulous hair, girls actually need to have our hair treated at least once a month!


Twerlyn said...

I'm sure very shinny na ba..unta naa picture remembrance =)..sos kung magpa relax ko or magpasupot..isa ra kaadlaw ang effect kay magcge naman ko tali ug hair nako kay birahon man sa baby.

ally said...

mao b? sabagay, ana jud basta naay baby,hehehe.... sige lang kay mudako si baby pwede naman sad ka kalugay ug buhok

Mizé said...

Totally agree. Not only we look better but we feel well because we´re paying attention to ourselves.
We need to spoil us now and then, lol.