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Monday, November 24, 2008

talking about saving???

Every end of the month is the time when I pay my bills. That include house rental, water and electric bills, ISP and my life insurance. I make sure I pay them on time. I don't procrastinate when it comes to paying my bills because I don't want to pay extra fees just because I didn't hit the deadline.

Regarding my life insurance, my mom was the one who motivated me to get one. She is the type of person who makes sure that she's not going to have any problems financially if the need arises. Thus, all three of us, her children, graduated in private schools because she got each one of us college plans. I remember back in college that I only asked money from her for miscellaneous fee for school. The tuition fee was already covered by the college plan.

Now that I have a job, my mom kept on insisting that when I get my own life insurance plan, I should consider life insurance rates. She said I should make sure that I can benefit more from the company. I actually didn't try fishing for any other companies since my cousin Ellaine's mom, Aunt Rose, is an agent of one of the best insurance companies here in the Philippines. Besides, I won't have to risk my money to strangers. I have my Aunt whom I can trust.

Getting life insurance is totally not a waste of money. It is a way of saving money depending on what type of insurance you would want to take advantage - be it an investment or a retirement vehicle. Either way, you won't lose. Just make sure you can rely on the company you're entrusting your money with.

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