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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boring week???

Today is another Sunday (1:15 am to be exact) and I'm doing another rounds of blogging. I'd prefer working at this wee hour of the day because the Internet is pretty fast. And it's only during weekends that I can update my blogs. I can't do it on weekdays because I am already exhausted from work and just want to sleep when I get home. Taking calls and resolving customer's internet issues takes up all my energy,hehehe.

While in front of the laptop, I'm watching the filipino music channel - MYX. Right now the band featured is Pinikpikan. They are a multi-awarded band who fuses endigenous filipino music to pop or modern rock. The outcome is really great. I remember singing some of their songs when my band (kuerdas) used to play some ethnic/pop songs.

Well, nothing much to talk about my week. I just did my usual errands - go to work and home after work. Nothing new. Isn't it a boring week? And I'm boring you with this post... Zzzz :))

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