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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What I want for christmas

Christmas is fast approaching!!! Most of us are already prepared for the upcoming celebration. Christmas carols are already aired on the radio and television. Lovely Christmas trees and decorations are everywhere. Children also hang their empty socks so that when Santa comes, he will fill those up with his presents. Some, especially mothers, prepare a shopping list for Christmas gifts.

When I was a kid, I was always excited about Christmas. I love it because delicious buffet of food is abundant. I could get together with family and friends and have a lot of fun with them. We could play with firecrackers even when it's scary sometimes. The adults will actually ask us not to go near them or we'll get hurt. It was really fun back then.

How I love this part of the year. This is truly the time of gift giving. A lot of kids are full of anticipation when Christmas comes. This is the time when most of their wishes come true. They get to have what they want during Christmas. Like new shoes, bags or new toys! As for me, I know that Christmas is not just for kids! I can also wish and hope I could get the present that I so want. Since I love music and movies, what I want for Christmas is a new MP3 player. With that, I could get to listen to the songs I love and watch my favorite movies anytime and anywhere I want. I wish someone could give me this present. It would be much appreciated!

Now that I am away from my family, I am not actually sure how I will celebrate Christmas. Worst is I might even be spending it at work. Our schedule for next month isn't posted yet so most probably there is a chance that I will be taking calls during Christmas Eve. It would actually be fine with me as long as I get to spend my New Year's Eve with my family. And of course, Christmas would be merrier if I get my present - I hope I could get one of these nice MP3 players! Hehehe...

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