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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Can I call in sick???

I've been so busy dropping cards for Ellaine this past three days. Honestly, it's tiring and I hope her Internet gets back tomorrow! hahaha! No offense my dear cousin. How could you do this everyday of your life??? Geez! I just realized how addicted to dropping you are! hahaha!

Anyway, work is getting boring and most of the time I just want to go home. Everyone's anticipating for the training on the accounts that we are assigned to. On January 5, I am scheduled for a training for a financial account. No more "Thank you for calling Time Warner Cable"! I'm not excited about the training though! I am more excited for my vacation leaves before my training! I don't have exact plans on where I will be spending my vacation yet. Definitely my homecoming for New Year will be postponed since the price for plane ticket is way too expensive. I'd rather wait for promotional rates of airlines next time.

Oh boy! I have to get ready for work now! I wanna call in sick!!! hahaha! Just kidding!


the fool on the hill said...

Hi Ally,

NO! I won't allow you to call in sick.

Here is the cure for you. I left you a message at:

God Bless you!

Scotty's Princess said...

You can't call in sick and you have all the ressons to smile now Bang coz i'm back! Thanks for all your dropping efforts. Buti nalang anjan ka ;-)