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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Close-fisted mom!

My mom bought a motorcycle this year so that she and my older brother, Aleks, could use it for their means of transportation. They saved a lot of money with it since it consumes less fuel and they can go to places nearby anytime they want.

I don't have any problems about her buying the motorcycle. What worries me is that Aleks is an accident-prone-person and I am afraid they would meet an accident because of his clumsiness (which I'm praying won't happen) since he's the one who drives the thing.

When she bought the motor cycle, it came along with just one safety equipment which is a helmet for Aleks. She never thought of buying one for herself. I keep on reminding her about it but she seems to be non chalant with my proddings. I might as well buy that helmet myself before I get disappointed again. My mom is stubborn when it comes to buying stuffs. As long as she thinks she doesn't need it, she wouldn't be spending a dime for it. That's how close-fisted she is!

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