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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Face to Face With Death...

Vehicular accidents have been rampant these days. They are shown all over the news. Be it on the newspaper headlines or even on TV newscasts. Sometimes it's so devastating that I would have to turn off the TV because I can't stand watching the horrific news. I feel bad about these kinds of accidents and I really feel sorry for the victims and the family who suffers the loss. I just can imagine the pain and agony that they go through.

We all know that vehicular accidents can happen the least we expect it. It could be because of drunk and abusive drivers who wants to race with anyone on the streets. Not fully aware that the one they are racing with is death and could even bring death to innocent people. It could also be because of the unfinished roads that if not for the lives taken away, the government won't do anything to fix them.

My cousin Richard was once a victim of this vehicular accident. He was on his way to a nearby town when the car he was driving rolled upside-down! Good thing he came out alive on that accident and there were no other vehicles on the road at that time since it was still early in the morning. The cause of the accident? He was driving too fast just for the heck of driving.

Worst is the car he was driving wasn't his own. He was just asked to bring it to the next town and then he wrecked it just like that! The owner was too pissed but since he was a family friend, he wasn't sued. Anyway it was but an accident. The car owner's only consolation was the car insurance and a few settlements done by my cousin's parents.

After getting face to face with death, Richard must have learned from that experience. He should be or else he might have widowed his wife in a young age.

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