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Friday, December 26, 2008

Get together with friends!

I've been busy this past days. I was at work on the 24th. We didn't have a lot of calls that night since it was Christmas Eve. Before I went to work that day, I met up with Czarina and help her shop for toys for her Godkids since she's going to have her homecoming in Mindanao the next day. I didn't get enough sleep yet I came to work on time. Good thing was we were not bombarded with calls. All of the people seemed to be busy celebrating Christmas except us,hehehe.

Anyway, on the same day, I was informed about my schedule for my training. I was so glad when I learned that it's supposed to be my last day for calling for Time Warner Cable on January 5th. Basically, that's going to be the last day of my filed vacation. I was informed that I'm supposed to report back to work on January 19th. In short, I had my vacation extended from December 30 til January 18th! Isn't that great??? That's why I decided right then and there to go home in Mindanao. No more hesitations! I'm so excited about going home. I can't wait to spend more time with my family and friends!

On the 25th, I decided to visit my friends in Pampanga. By the way, I lived in Pampanga for 1 year and 9 months. I was also a call center agent there. During that stay, I made friends with very nice people. They were my office mates and they were like family. It was a very hard decision when I moved here in Manila. It was hard to leave people who accepted me as I am. Our friendship never ended anyway. I still make sure I visit them once I had the chance. Just like I did this past days.

I was able to spend sometime with Cathy and her baby - CJ. Cathy was a friend of mine since college. She's one of my closest friends. I just hope everything will go well with her and her baby.

I also met up with Cel. Another good friend. She's pretty and smart but she never had a boyfriend since birth! hehehe... I hope she'll find the man of his dreams not too long from now.

I have a lot of friends in Pampanga and unfortunately I wasn't able to meet up with all of them yesterday. It was an unscheduled visit, that's why. I miss all my friends over there. I just hope the next time I'd come to visit, I could get together with them and have fun. Who knows we can arrange for swimming or night out next time? I just hope we could!

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suedonim16 said...

Hi Ally. It's a good thing you'll have a long vacation with your family this new year. Inggit talaga ako...I find the schedule so unfair! I should have been on vacation by now since my training date starts on jan. 2...sigh...

Anyways, have fun on your vacation and I hope to see you around when you get back.

Be safe. I'll miss you...