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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Goodbye Road Runner... :(

We were informed today that our account - which is Time Warner/Road Runner technical support - is downsizing so they have to dissolve the account on our site - Convergys 1. TWC is still with our company but it's only going to operate on other sites which are in Cebu and Bacolod. It has nothing to do with our performance since our site did well on our stats this past few months. It's the global crisis that has to be blamed. People in the United States would rather spend their money to ISPs that would fit to their budget.

It doesn't really mean that we are going to be unemployed. Basically, on our company, once an account closes, agents are being transferred to other accounts. That's the advantage of working on a call center. Since it has different clients, there are a lot of opportunities open for us. The good news is, we still have a job!

We are greatly affected by the global crisis. Who isn't? Anyway, in call center companies like ours, this kind of changes are expected especially right now that America's economy is going down. I feel sorry to those who are layed off from their jobs in the United States. I sometimes come across some bloggers who are now unemployed and are greatly affected by the "crisis". I hope they could get themselves employed before the start of the New Year. And I also hope that they could still spend happy holidays with their loved ones.

With all these predicaments and trials going on around us, all we could do is hope and pray that we could surpass this all. Just hold on to our faith and believe that God has something better prepared for us.

God bless us all!


Windmill said...

It is so horrible. The kind of havoc that man brings upon himself. Like as though there has not been enough stupidities of the past to have taken lessons from.

This economic melt down is going to be ferocious.

If the word "miracle" has any merit, this is the time for a miracle to happen to save mankind.

suedonim16 said...

It's so disheartening to know that our account is gonna be pulled out when we had great expectation of it when we first started. but then, c'est lavie! Goodluck to both us.
(i'll probably post a blog about this too so i could do my whining, hehe).

wendy said...

its good that convergys will just transfer you to another account.

when our account downsized, our contract was co-terminus with the account. although the HR will try to transfer us to another account it wasn't guaranteed that we'd be transferred.

Ah! those were my call center day!