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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shopping for TV stands

I've been staying at my cousin Ellaine's place from the day I came back for the holiday vacation here in General Santos City. I have done a lot of shopping with my family lately. Nice to be back here!

Just this week, I have been hearing Ellaine and her mom, Aunt Rose arguing about getting rid of the big tv stands which are occupying most of the available space at home. Ellaine would want something smaller which will only take up small space in the living room. Aunt Rose is hesitant because she doesn't like spending that much. She wants to sell the old ones first. For that, Ellaine then has to wait. Well, since I am on an extended vacation, for sure I will be tasked to accompany them on whatever kind of materials they could decide to replace the old ones. That is if they could agree on one thing! Hehehe.

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