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Friday, December 12, 2008


It has been a somehow dismaying week because of the news about our account. I will be missing my team for sure especially my cool Team Leader - Rowell. He has been good to all of us. I will miss his lenience. He never failed to acknowledge each of our concerns. Not like any other superiors, he never treated us like ordinary employees. He dealt with us in a very friendly manner that sometimes we tend to forget that he's our Supervisor (hehe). I will surely miss his jokes on team meetings. So with the noise our team make every time we have team meetings and petiks modes which are off the phone sessions with Rowell to talk about our stats but mostly just laughing and joking around with him.

Today, I am expecting to be interviewed for other accounts that opened for us agents. I hope I can choose the account that will best suit my interest and skills. I am open for change and I am now ready for new learning experience. This is gonna be a new challenge for me. So goodluck and God bless us TWC agents!

It's my last working day of the week. I am so much looking forward to weekend's surprises. I wonder what tomorrow's gonna bring me. Whatever it is, I hope for a bright and peaceful day with God's divine Providence.


Windmill said...

Do you best Ally, and God will do the rest. :)

wendy said...

haha "petiks" mode!!

I used to love those. Each time the client's system would be down, the agents do nothing but still gets paid!

hello ally, do you still want to work as tech support agent?

try customer service or sales masaya un mas exciting hehe =)

ally said...

hi wendy! I've tried sales before and yes it was fun. kaso lang wala namang opening for that account. may customer service na open but for sure super dami ng calls dun,hehehe... pumasa ako sa tech account and CS account. I'm still weighing my options... can't decide what account to go for yet. sigh!