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Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank you Time Warner Cable!

Being a technical support agent, I sometimes come across customers who are gamers. Some of them are agitated because they can't have proper gaming reception. They always blame it on the Internet Service Provider. Some of them say that since they're paying for high speed Internet, they should get what they're paying for. I agree with them. After I empathize with the customer, I would also inform them that in order to get better performance when it comes to high end games they need to upgrade to better video cards on their computer.

I am not into gamings and I basically know little about them. I am so amazed that for eight months of being a technical support agent, I have a lot of new things that I was able to learn from this account. Unfortunately, my stay to this account is going to end soon. I am so thankful because I had the chance to learn so much from it! Thank you Time Warner Cable!

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