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Saturday, December 6, 2008

What's up this Sunday?

A week has passed, and now it's time to update my blog,hehehe. I haven't been around because I have been busy lately. I attended seminars at church almost every night. I haven't had enough sleep this week because once I awoke from my nap, I can't get myself back to sleep. I twisted and turned but still had a hard time sleeping. Thank God, I recovered from my insomniac state last night! I finally had enough sleep!

I was supposed to be online last night. I tried yet my ISP once again let me down. I never got connected last night. I was actually hoping we could change companies this month but then Michelle said we'll do it next month. Geez! I still have to wait!

Anyway, enough about my rantings!

I started my Sunday with service to God early today. After church we went straight to the market and got myself my Sunday newspaper. The headline is about Manny Pacquiao's fight today with his "Dream Match" Oscar de la Hoya. I wonder who's gonna win this time. They're both great fighters. I still hope it would be Manny who's going to reign. And as far as the telecast, it's like all of the Filipinos are gonna be watching the fight. It's funny because everytime Manny has a fight, it feels like the clock here in the Philippines stops. Almost all of the people here, including kids and tricycle drivers, are in front of the TV watching the hero fight.

In General Santos City, which is where Manny was brought up, the City government there prepares a widescreen in a Gymnasium. City officials are there along with most of Pacqiao's fans and family cheering for the champ. This ritual is done everytime Manny has a fight.

He said in his interview with Philippine Daily Inquirer - "I'm ready to fight" and "It's time to make history". Whatever Manny! I just hope you'd make another history later! Good luck Philippines! Way to go Manny Pacquiao!!!

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Mizé said...

It]s s raining alot here in Portugal, real nasty winter time. I]m home cosy in my pijamas doing EC drops,lol.
A good Sunday xx