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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Camiguin Escapade Part I

I had a really busy weekend so it took a while before I can post about my Camiguin Escapade. As you all know, I did had a great time in that paradise-like place but the trip going there was really exhausting! But since I'm with my bestfriend Czarina, the tiring journey is still filled with fun!

Savoring the moment of road tripping...

That's Clifford

We're on the road... we're moving place to place! Lol!

With BFF Czarina...

The 7-hour trip going to Cagayan de Oro City included a lot of stop overs,hehehe. Everytime we see beautiful sites, we can't help but do some photo shoots especially in Bukidnon Town. It's a cool place where pine trees grow.

Aren't we there yet???

We left Davao City around 1pm so we arrived at Cagayan de Oro City around 8pm. After eating dinner, we spent the night in CDO and left around 7am the following morning. It was a 2-hour trip going to the port where we rode a barge (which is another 2-hour ride) that brought us to the Island of Camiguin. Hehehe, that's a total of 11 hours if you do the math! Pretty exasperating, right??? For the record, that's the longest travel I've ever done! Good thing Clifford, who is Czarina's boyfriend, brought his car. That lessened the agony! LOL!

After a long drive, we deserve this! hehehe

Pretty Czarina while waiting for the barge...

Camiguin Island here we come!!!

We reached our destination at last!!!

To be continued...


Windmill said...


I don't know where exactly is that island but it does look idyllic.

I guess that the Philippines is some ways is just like the outer islands over in Indonesia.

Glad you had an enjoyable holiday trip.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

waaaah! there's no doubt i terribly missed those very familiar places you've hopped in ally!

i am a davao-bukidnon-cdo baby thus, my nostalgic mood! :)

ally said...

Hi windy! yep! the vacation was great! i still would want to go back there but the next time, I will be going by plane,hehehe...

ally said...

hi ""rare*jonRez""!!! hehehe, ganda talga dun! but the trip going there was agonizing! lol! di lang kasi sanay sa sobrang mahabang byahe! but I still wanna go back to that place though!