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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Clumsy me

Even as a kid, I was already known to being careless when it comes to keeping valuable items. I often left those things somewhere and forget to get them back or sometimes I lost them along the way. Most of them were jewelries that my mom gave in some special occassions. I always get reprimanded once she learns that I lost a pair of earrings or a necklace - almost all my jewelries, actually. That is why she keeps some of them in her jewelry box. Up until now, I don't wear any kind of expensive accessories because of my clumsiness. I remember how furious my mom was when she discovered that I lost the gold watch that she gave. It basically took a long time for her to figure out that I lost it since I've been giving her lame excuses. When she found out that I don't have the watch anymore (well it was because I kept on telling her the same old excuses), she then told me that I won't be getting any kind of jewelry from her. I would have to buy them on my own expense if ever I want to have any kind of expensive accessories. Since it has been a while that I haven't worn one I decided to invest for them soon. I am planning to purchase a watch like one of those Swiss Army watches. I just hope and pray I will never lose it! I also want to prove to myself this time that I am going to overcome my careless attitude. So help me God!

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