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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Faucet issue

Plonk... plonk... plonk... This is the annoying sound that our faucet here in the apartment make when we forget to squeeze it tightly every time we turn it off. The sink beneath it is a stainless steel and it always gets our attention every time the faucet drips. Even when we are about to go to sleep, we still have to get to our feet and check the faucet just to make sure it won't drip and disturb our slumber. It's really getting more annoying lately. We've already told the plumber about it but it seems like our complains fell on deaf ears. Our water consumption has been becoming more expensive because of this problem. I think this should be brought to the owner of the apartment's attention so that he can have it replaced with one of those Kohler faucets. See? I can't even make a good post with that dripping noise in the background! This is really getting into my nerves!!!

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