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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fickle Minded Me

I'm in Davao City right now. I had a tiring 3-hour ride from General Santos City after the rendezvous with my brother's family at KCC Mall this afternoon. I came here with the purpose of meeting my bestfriend Czarina and friends tomorrow and go for an adventure in Camiguin Island which is going to be a butt-aching 8-hour ride from here. Geez! Just imagining the agony of the trip already exhausted me. Plus the fact that I haven't had enough sleep from the holiday craze made me change my mind the last minute! Hehe, my bestfriend Czarina is always a victim of this inappropriate behaviour. One minute I like something and then another minute I would want something else! hahaha! I'm really sorry friends! Good thing Czarina knew me better and understood my abrupt decision. Phew! I really thought she'll get mad at me at first.
I'll be spending time with my old time friend Nimfa here in Davao City instead. I know it will still be fun even if we won't be able to go to Camiguin Island. We might end up going to one of the nice resorts here. Yeah, yeah... I know it would've been different because it was supposed to be my first adventure in Camiguin. Well, someday I know I can visit that place. Just someday!


""rare*jonRez"" said...

hmmm... camiguin would be a wonderful trip!

well, enjoy ur vacation time ally! miss na miss ko na ang davao! :)

MakingMoney said...

I hope you enjoy your vacation, when you get a chance stop by My Random Day, I have something for you there, take care!