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Friday, January 30, 2009

Get any better with this boredom!!!

Training has been so boring this week! I don't know if I'm being stubborn or just playing dumb but all the things that our trainer teach in class just seem to disappear in thin air. I'm having problems understanding the codes (maybe because there's a lot of numbers and commands that needed to be memorized) and the lessons just don't seem to sink in my head no matter how I tried! I'm already beginning to think that I am indeed dumb! Worst scenario is when Shellani, our trainer, calls my name and asks me questions about the things just discussed and I can't even give her a correct answer. Sometimes I don't give answers at all. I will just say, "I'm sorry I don't know the answer" just to not keep her and everyone in class waiting. I tried so hard not to sleep during the discussions but my thoughts flies away in the neverland!!!

What a shame, isn't it? I don't have any problems with our beautiful trainer at all. She's kind and does a great job as a trainer. It's just that I am not that interested with the account. I hope I will change this attitude next week. I'd better do that or else I won't get any better with this boredom!

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