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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hair flaunting!!!

After I got my hair done last night on my favorite salon, I went straight to buy my groceries nearby. When I got in the store I was about to back out when I saw a lot of people on queue at all the cashier's area! But I wasn't in a hurry anyway so I decided to just go ahead and start putting my groceries in the basket. I just had my hair blow dried anyway so why not flaunt it a little bit? Hehehe... I remembered the hairstylist asking me if I have a date or if I was going to a party last night since I decided to have my hair done. I said there's no occasion. She was quite disappointed when she learned that I'm just going to sleep on my new hair style that night!

Anyway, while having those thoughts in my head, I was surprised when I saw the queue shortened when I was about to pay for my purchases! Good thing the store uses barcode scanners. It indeed lessened the burden of waiting just to have your groceries tallied! And it's getting late anyway. The store was about to close! Too bad that was the end of my hair flaunting! Lol!

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