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Friday, January 30, 2009

Hooray! I got 400 drops yesterday!!!

First of all, I would like to apologize to my EC droppers whom I haven't dropped back today especially those who does the chore frequently. The reason is I got a total of 400 drops today!!! Hooray to that!!! It really made my day! I only realized it when all of a sudden I've already reached the maximum- 300 drops yet I still haven't finished dropping back to yesterday's list of droppers! It's really overwhelming knowing that a lot has been reading or at least took their time to have a glimpse of my blog. I just hope you guys continue to visit and won't grow tired of my stubbornness!

Today is Friday and it's a pay day for the most of us! Let's spend our money wisely and not forget to thank God for all His blessing! Take care y'all!


Babette said...

Hello Ally, I have an award for you here

Uncle Che said...

Wow, Congrats for your drops. I hope this works well to give you a better Alexa ranking.
Good Luck!!!

nipsy said...

Grrr, Someday I will get there too.. For now, I'm lucky if I get 50 drops


Windmill said...

You lucky girl!

I have never received more than 170 in a day.

MakingMoney said...

Wow 400 drops, congrats!!! I don't think I will ever see that number, lol!!

Gem said...

Great to hear that number of drops! I can feel the excitement!


Anonymous said...

WOWZA that's alot of drops! ;) Congratulations!!!

Mizé said...

Hi Allena.
Uau, tha´s a lot of drops!
It´s difficult to keep it up every single day.
Good Sunday!

ally said...


Thanks for the award babette! I'll post that award soon!


Uncle Che,

I really am hoping to get better ranking on Alexa uncle che! Thank YOU!!!



Thank you Nipsy! Don't fret my friend, soon you will have your time soon!



I am indeed lucky! Lol!



U will see that number if you won't get tired of dropping, commenting and visiting other blogs...



Yep! The feeling is really overwhelming!


Monica Ford,




You're right Mize... I enjoyed it till the day ended! Lol!