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Friday, January 2, 2009

How I Spent My New Year's Eve

Spending New Year's Eve with my family and relatives at Tupi, South Cotabato was splendid! I really had a great time with them. The most exciting part was when I initiated some games for the kids. Funny because I was like the Santa Claus for the moment since I was also in charged of handing a few prizes for them. The adults also had their share of fun because they enjoyed watching the kids play. The favorite was my niece Aying who kept on crying everytime she loses a game. She's the youngest among the kids. The grandmas were to her rescue everytime she cry her heart out. I was instructed to let her play along just to heed her from crying! Hahaha! See how they spoil the kid???

Ten minutes before the clock hit midnight, everyone gathered for a prayer. Afterwhich food was served and all of us enjoyed the yummy delicacies prepared. We also enjoyed the firework displays.

There were still noisy firecrackers and my brother and cousins are still singing on karaoke when I went to bed. I was so tired yet I still have the smile plastered on my face. At last, I was able to celebrate New Year with my family!
What about you? How did you spend your New Year's Eve?

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