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Monday, February 2, 2009

January top droppers

Here are my top 10 droppers for January!!! They make my blogging more fun and exciting!!! To those who does frequent visits, please continue to do so... And please don't grow tired of dropping! LOL!!!

#1 Everything Under The Sun - 31 drops
***About life, relationship, church,people.
Anything we can talk about under the big big sun.***

Everything Under The Sun

#2 Random Ramblings - 31 drops
***Personal observations on a wide variety of subjects.
Photographs of creatures and things that are taken on seeing the unusual
as well as everyday things.***

Random Ramblings

#3 Computer Aid - 31 drops
***Interesting PC problems encountered
by a Computer Tech. Plus some other stuff :-)***
Computer Aid
#4 Entreblogger - 31 drops
***Making money online***

Make Money With the Internet

#5 Prove Me Wrong - 31
***Proving me wrong does not make me less
intelligent or smart...But in so doing,
my world will be a lot easier to understand
and I'd be able to share to the rest of
the world everyone's wisdom...***

Prove Me Wrong

#6 The Way I See It - 31 drops
***My thoughts, opinions and personal observations
on a wide variety of subjects, sometimes mixed
with humor and including travel, retirement,
opinion, politics, child sponsorship
with Children International and life experiences.
News and views from my perspective.***

The Way I See It
#7 Losing Weight Intentionally - 30 drops
***Losing Weight Intentionally***

Losing Weight Intentionally
#8 Lainy's Musings - 30 drops
***A blog showcasing my mutterings, random rants,
raves and whinings on life's daily maneuvers.***

Lainy's Musings
#9 The Ad Master - 30 drops
***Tons of Tips and Tricks to help you
advertise online. From lists of free traffic resources
to advice on keyword placement and link building.***

The Ad Master
#10 The Journey To Forever - 30 drops
***A personal blog which talks about daily life's mutterings,
rantings and whinings may it be in the category
of love and relationships, health and home, travel,
fashion and lifestyle, sports and a whole lot more!***

Our Journey to Forever


Scotty's Princess said...

weeeeeeeeeeee! My two blogs made it! Siguro nasa top 15 ang fashion blog, hahaha! Kung wala pa na delete ang Kuerdas kay complete attendance to dire ba, hahaha!

Thanks for the recognition, bang! More drops coming your way soon!


Windmill said...

Just can't understand how I did not make it in your Top Ten.

Dropped every single day throughout January save for one day during my CNY vacation.


Beth said...

I made it to your top 10 dropper list. Number pa gyod he he .. Thanks for the linky love sis.

Take care.. .muahhh !!!

Kloggers/Polly said...

Thank you so much Allena for the picture and link to my blog. It is lovely of you to think of me and add me.

Tell me, have you added yourself and your blog link onto Twitter yet? I would like to add you as one of my friends if you have.

My very best wishes to you, Polly x

GAGAY said...

ms. allena..i can't see the tag/award that you've said,,


ally said...

Scotty's Princess,

Hehehe... Thanks for your hardwork te! kaw na gud na! miss ya!



I just don't know how the Entrecard's system works Windy... I was also expecting to see you on the list... But still, I thank you for the drops! I hope you won't grow tired of dropping, though...



Congratulations Beth!!! Thanks for the drops din!!!



It is an honor to have you as one of my friends here in the blogosphere.

I haven't added my blog to Twitter yet. But I'm thinking about doing it later... If so, I'll let you know. Take care my friend!!!


♥georgie♥ said...

I just signed up with EC...I am learning the ropes still having probs gettin my image to show up as my widget arrrggghhh but I am here to drop

green not mean said...

That's great, congratz too to all your entredroppers.

ally said...


Welcome to EC Georgie! I hope I get frequent visits from you... Enjoy dropping cards!!!


Green not mean,