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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just in case!

Summer is coming up. A lot of my colleagues are now planning for out of town escapades. Since I've gone to Camiguin, I suggested the place to them because they will be planning to go in group. I've also mentioned beach home that we stayed in when we were in the Island since the place is like those Outer Banks rentals. They were quite impressed when they saw the pictures on this blog and my convincing stories about my great experience at Camiguin, of course!

As for me, I'm still weighing my options. Like I've mentioned on my other posts, I have to consider my priorities. I really would want to invest on gadgets this year. Nature trips and traveling might be postponed. But I'm still not sure yet. I can still travel, I guess. It only has something to do with budgeting,right? So I still might reconsider the travel this year! New swim wears should come in handy then, just in case!:)

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