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Sunday, January 4, 2009

My late 2009 resolution...

I have been into traveling lately. I just realized that I didn't enjoy those travels that much. One of the reasons is that I didn't really planned for them. The vacation was an abrupt decision. I really wasn't planning to go home since I'm trying to set up my priorities. I have to start investing for important stuffs and try to save money for my sake. But when my best friend Czarina told me about their plan of taking a vacation in Camiguin Island, it made me think twice about saving! I immediately got excited about the vacation and booked a flight for my homecoming right away.

I'm not saying I'm having regrets on my decision with the vacation since I enjoyed every bit of it but then it would have been more fun if I had everything planned. Funny thing is right after I booked my flight, I immediately bought a new travel bag without even thinking about the quality of it. Worst is, I bought an expensive one! If I had only known, I would've bought the affordable Samsonite luggage available online! Same goes with buying my pair of new shoes. If I just went around other malls here in Metro Manila, I would've found cheaper pair of sneakers!

Well, that's the kind of impulsive buyer I am. Not only with buying stuffs but also with my decisions. I should find a better way to change this kind of attitude or else I won't be able to save! That should be my resolution for this year. Hah! My resolution is pretty late, ain't it? But it's better late than not try to change at all! Lol!

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