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Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Sweet Colleague

I have been doing some sort of little business at work lately. One of it is selling products from Avon. I always bring along with me a brochure so that my colleagues could just browse through it. They pretty much add up to my savings and I really enjoy doing it!

I have been selling Avon products mostly to my female colleagues. I was surprised one day because a male colleague was perusing through the brochure and eventually told me that he's going to order one of those cute lingerie. He said it was for his wife. I thought it was sweet of him. He is by the way one of my friends at work so he wasn't that shy when he asked to buy the product and also talk a lot about his life. After I jotted down his order, he talked about his wife for a while and told me that she works as a nurse in one of the hospitals here in Manila. They're married for 2 years now and are hoping to have a baby soon! He said they are really working hard to have a baby this year! That is why him and his naughty nurse do whatever it takes to have their dream family. Well, what else could I say but wish them luck!

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