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Friday, January 2, 2009

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps!

I always dreamed of owning a car. It basically started when I was in college. I joined a marketing group which sells a particular brand of product for food supplements. Our marketing strategy was called networking or it is known as pyramiding marketing strategy. It's like I get recruited and the one who convinced me to join gets his commission and the one higher than that person will also get a profit from that recruitment. And basically, in order for me to earn from that marketing scheme, I also need to entice someone to join and sell! Not to mention there is of course a big amount of money involved just to get registered as a member.

Once we were part of the group, we have to learn how to sell, of course. Trainings and different kinds of marketing strategies were taught to us. And in order for us to get motivated, we were asked to make goals or envision our dreams. All of us dreamed of having our own houses, big savings and of course, everyone wanted to own a car. We were even asked about the span of years that we think we're going to reach these goals.

I was 18 years old at that time. My answer to that question was 10 years. I am 25 years old now yet I'm too far from reaching those dreams. And that marketing scheme was short-termed. The product is still alive but the marketing scheme, I don't think so.

Yet I'm still not losing hope. I still want to make those dreams come true. I know I can reach them in time. Who knows, when I turn 28, if God permits, I could actually get one of those dreams come true. What about that dream car first? That could still be possible, isn't it? I know it could be expensive once I own one because I'm sure I still have to be spending for the car maintenance and auto insurance. But it would still be nice if I can go to places whenever I want to with comfort and convenience. It is really fulfilling to make those dreams come true. And I know I really have to work hard for them. For now, let me just say - perhaps, perhaps, perhaps!

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