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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time to chill out!!!

Today is a Friday! The most awaited day of the week! Work hasn't been stressful this week though. Well, as of today, not yet. I was even having fun with my colleagues. Most of them were my team mates on my previous account so I didn't had a hard time adjusting in the class.

I actually came in late on the first day, yeah that was a shame! It was definitely not a good way to start the week. I was quite surprised because I wasn't reprimanded by our trainer when I got there. She even greeted me with a beautiful smile when I came in. I was quite relieved by that. But then after the class, she called my attention and handed me a memo for my tardiness. Well, I thought I really could just get out of that huh? Unfortunately I didn't and because of that I'm gonna make sure it will never happen again! That's what I get for being such a sleepyhead! Lol!

Anyways, my work starts at 6 in the morning and ends at 2 in the afternoon. I like my schedule right now because I have normal working hours at last! I just hope we would retain this shift once we take calls.

After work I usually do my EC rounds at our office pantry since the Internet speed is way too fast. I couldn't snoop around at work anymore because the account is strict when it comes to Internet access since we will be handling Fraud Early Warning account for a credit card company. Too bad Internet access won't be allowed at work anymore!

After a few hours of dropping back and reading posts of my favorite bloggers, I usually go straight home and try to continue updating my blogs. I actually tried updating my blogs this week but the Internet on our apartment never worked at all. It was really frustrating. Good thing we got the pantry at work that provides free Internet access for us, employees! That's where I spend most of my afternoons.

I miss my previous account though. Not only because I got comfortable with my job as a technical support agent but also that account is pretty lenient when it comes to accessing the Internet. I guess I'm just addicted to blogging lately. Everyday of this week, I always look forward to 2pm so I can get to see my blogs and drop EC cards! Hahaha! Lainy wasn't wrong when she said that once you start blogging, you definitely can't stop!

It's Friday and I'm looking forward to doing my laundry and DVD marathon. Night out? Nah! Not in the mood! Or rather not my thing! I'd prefer attending to my blogs. :)

I just thank God it's Friday once again! It's time to chill out and have some fun!

May we have a great weekend!!!


Mizé said...

Hi Allena.
I´m trying to finish my EC round but I´m already zzzz :)
Good Weekend for you too!

GAGAY said...

happy weekend!

dropping by!


GAGAY said...

solar eclipse this monday! looking forward to it..happy sunday!


murderous intention said...

Just EC dropping, and wanted to give you the Triple Award: