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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Come What May This Summer '09

My colleagues at work have been talking about where they would spend their summer vacation this year. I usually make a lot of eavesdropping lately since we discuss a few lessons already on the last week of our training. Anyway, they talked about going to the same place that they went to last year and then later on murmured about how they would work harder so they can save money for their upcoming summer adventure. I thought to myself, our company should also be spending this kind of leisure trip to their employees at some point, like setting us up for Orlando vacations! Lol! How I wish!

I quite envy that group I was listening to. They made me remember the wonderful times I spent with my friends before. I'm sure they will all have fun this summer. As for me, since I have no plans for summer yet, just come what may!

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