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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Despite eccentricity...

I have written some posts about my mom in this blog. Most of them talked about how I love her despite her eccentricity. My mom is not like other moms. She seldom cook for us when we were young, she doesn't attend PTA meetings (Parents and Teachers Association), she didn't know how to draw a cow when I asked her to when I was in kindergarten since I didn't have the talent in drawing. I remembered how disappointed I was at that time and that was actually the first and last time I asked help from her with my assignments. I painstakingly did all my homeworks myself and didn't ask any help from her since that incident.

I know she tried so hard be a great mom but it might have been so hard for her since she's a single parent and have to work so hard to make ends meet for all of us. But as a kid, I never understood most of it. I might have put a lot of pressure on her especially during her menopausal stage. I was on my pre-teen at that time and I was even rebellious. There were a lot of things I never understood. And I regret most of them. Maybe it comes with maturity that I came to understand everything about my mom. We also lacked communication that's why a lot of things got out of hand.

But then when I was growing up, we finally had the chance to talk. She told me about menopausal and that involved irritability, mood swings, irregular periods, vaginal dryness, all sorts of allergies (she's really having a hard time dealing with this until now), anxiety, depression, a lot more! She said it was really a hard phase of life and that she has to deal with it whether she liked it or not. It's all part of life, anyway. She also told me that I will also go through all of this when I grow old.

I felt sorry about how I treated my mom when she was going through that menopausal stage. If only I was a bit older or a bit more matured and sensitive, I would have helped her get through to that. But she's a strong woman and I am just so thankful that we both were able to surpass those trials in our relationship. I still end up to be a decent girl and my mom, still eccentric but now that she has retired, she tries to make up from all her shortcomings. Every time I come home, she cooks for me and always takes all the chance she could get to hug me, let me sit on her lap and brush my hair with her hands and kiss me. Uh, oh... I'm beginning to miss her again.

I love my mom because she's unique and she's the reason why I am what I am now. Strong and steadfast like her. Thanks to you Nay! I love you with all my heart!!!

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