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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Favorite Grocery Store

Me and Michelle usually buy our groceries at a store near the church. We often do this chore every Sunday after the church service. The store is actually jam-packed with customers since most of the products there are more affordable compared to other grocery stores nearby. Even though the queue on the cashier is quite long, we don't mind at all since we were able to save more money when we buy goods on that store. The store is equipped with barcode scanner anyway. That makes the tally of the purchases a lot faster and easier.

One other reason that I like buying on this particular grocery store is, I get to see my "crush" buying his stuffs over there as well! Lol! I don't know his name yet but I believe he also goes to the same church that Michelle and I attend to. I hope I could get to know him someday! Hahaha! Wishful, aren't I?

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